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Valens Virgo is a new way to intimates. It touches you, what summons a connection and is tailor made for you. It gives you the right comfort which does wonders for your body and helps women simplify lives. The minimal smooth lingerie is snug under clothes, and gives you the feeling to keep it on…. We want you to feel, what you are wearing, we want you to celebrate each and every moment of your daily endeavour.

What Valens Virgo believes in?

Valens Virgo is a high street fashion brand, it believes in being pleasant without failing to be trendy. It gives you immense comfort without compromising on practicality. The range offers an influential blend of fashion forward lingerie and everyday must-haves. The fabric used for Valens Virgo is the finest fabric (whether be cotton, polyester or viscose) with utmost importance given to each and every trim essential for crafting our products. Even the tiniest component is chosen wisely; it has to have the perfect hand, feel, shape, weight considering its job to enhance a woman’s body.

Our in-house design team is dedicated to develop fashionable lingerie which not only looks good but also feels really pleasant to the skin. From extensive trend forecasting to thorough design development, the team is passionate to create well defined styles for every product release.

We have flourished substantial relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers and work with them to ensure that every component that goes into our products is of the highest quality.

Our collection is mindful of the body and spirit. It is delicate, soft, and fragile and is made out of the finest products starting from combed cottons, fine polyesters, viscous, super soft hook and eye, gentle elastics and light mesh.

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