Boost your amour propre

We all have our bad days.

Those hung-over mornings – you know when you wake up late, throw your hair in a messy pony tail, and barely have enough time to brush your teeth, let alone put on make-up. If you’re like most women, you probably don’t feel your best about yourself on those days.

Now, think about how you feel when you have time to blow out your hair, put on your favorite Estee Lauder kit and choose your Valentino dress, that is flattering from all angles; you probably feel a lot better on those days. Lingerie is the same way.
There will be days when the only things you have clean are boring cotton underwear and bras, while other days you’ll wear your cutest bras and panties. You may not have never consciously thought about it, but I can almost guarantee that when you are wearing quality intimate apparel, you feel better about yourself, and present yourself more confidently.
When it comes to intimate time in the bedroom, there is no doubt that beautiful and luxurious lingerie can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem!

For everyday wear, women need intimate apparel that is supportive, comfortable, and is invisible under clothes. But there is no reason to wear drab, unflattering lingerie! Imagine a plain white cotton bra next to a colorful, lacy bra- which one makes you happier? The beautiful bra is more appealing. When you put on something beautiful, you will instantly feel more attractive and confident, even if no one else knows what you are wearing under your clothes. You will most likely find yourself walking taller, possessing a sense of high self-esteem, and exuding confidence that just isn’t there when you don’t feel you’re very best. Not to mention the fact, that high-end intimate apparel will also physically enhance the feminine parts of your body, making you look great.

Lingerie in the bedroom is a whole different story. Men are highly visual creates, and they love sexy lingerie! And why not, every specie in this entire cosmos loves what fascinates. This is not to say that you should ever count on a man to boost your self-esteem. But I think that you will find that when you are wearing gorgeous lingerie, your significant other will be eating out of the palm of your hand. In turn, you will feel desirable, sexy, and ultra-confident. That is a win-win situation for both of you! You don’t have to wear sensual lingerie every night- but any man will appreciate it if you do! 😉

What it comes down to is the fact that when you are wearing something beautiful, you will feel beautiful! This is not exclusive to lingerie, but I would say that a corset or garter will make you feel a bit sassier than a new pair of jeans. Purchasing luxurious lingerie is an ideal way to make you feel beautiful, feminine, and incredibly sexy! What women don’t want to feel that way? I am curious- do you notice a difference in how you feel when you wear gorgeous lingerie and intimate apparel?
Comment below and let us know about your experience throughout this.

Till then take care. Cheers!

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