Hola Winter !

Whether you’re a gin enthusiast, or a whisky aficionado, a trip to a distillery this winter is guaranteed to leave you in good spirits. Ideally you have to deal with many intricate and fascinating parties in and around. Winter style has always appealed to my inner sassy feminine soul, making me want to go for loose hair, flawless makeup, torn jeans, and crazy parties hauling and leap frogging around. And if you are a competitor to Red Bull, you should seriously bang on to some comfy protectors. Get the best sorted clothes and undies out and just gel in…

With this season comes in the utmost time for insanity, it’s time for music festivals around South East Asian and South American peninsular. Now the crucial question, How to look fabulous in a concert being comfortable. What’s your genre?? Metal, Hip-hop, Country or Deep House? The way you are going to dress is going to depend on what kind of concert you are attending.
“A tiger only needs three things to be comfortable. Lots of food, good music, and … actually, no it’s just those two things.”
This article addresses some of the basic fashion trends for each of these types of concerts.

Comfortable (Yet Stylish) Shoes

Hola Winter

Starting with the foot is important not that we are talking about your ‘latex foot fetish’ but that it is the base which will help you get through that 9 hours of “fist” pumping that comes first and the “pumping” that goes on at home … It’s not just you have to follow trend, rather follow comfort for an outstanding experience. Imagine having a shoe bite, especially when it comes to shoes, may seem like a giant contradiction but it doesn’t have to be. You’re probably going to be on your feet for a long period of time and why not, when vodka starts talking no one wants to put a grip. After all it’s an outdoor concert.
What’s my piece of advice? Skip the wedges and heels and opt for flat shoes and ankle-length boots instead. With a colorful or studded pair of flat boots or some jeweled sandals, you can’t go wrong. Don’t try to wear ballet flats or loafers, (I know they look pretty on you) though they may be flat, but your feet won’t thank you for it.

An easy Rucksack

Your Rucksack, of course your bag can be a savior at music festivals and concerts. Bring a medium-rucksack to carry your water, snacks, camera or maybe your favorite drink which you are possessive with and all your other essentials. Remember, limit your zippers and outer pockets as you don’t want to lose your stuff and you want to keep it protected. A cute, slouchy shoulder bag is usually the way to go. But make sure it’s not too easy to open, and keep your smart hands on your precious bag rather on someone’s ass. 😉

Always keep your eye on it. Festivals and concerts can be crazy places. Giggles!

Comfy Light Pants And Shorts

If you plan on showing off your witty talent with your sexy dance moves, I suggest keeping your outfits lightweight. Try cropped pants or loose-fitted cargo shorts that’ll let your legs breathe. Leggings are great as well, but can get sweaty and uncomfortable if you’re walking around in the sun all day. No one would hunt for a stinky chick … eww, gross!
Be confident and be ready to set the crowd on fire.

Statement Shirt

Want to look different yet comfortable. For the most part, tees are made to stand out, which should be paired up with t-shirt bras (link to Blanche) Sticking with winter trend, try knitted t-shirts in dark colors, black and navy stripes, or the crop top. I love my 90s style crop tops and oversized knit tees for concerts and other outdoor events. You won’t overheat, and you’ll be on-it girl!!

The Right Jacket

Jackets can never go wrong! Depending on the city you’re in, bringing a jacket is always a good idea (you can store it in your big slouchy purse if you need to). This season, try those cowboy leather jackets! The bomber jacket is also a great choice.

Simple Accessories

Accessories are girl’s best friend, isn’t it? So, don’t be afraid to accessorize. Sunglasses, straw hats, few kinky glittery ear muffs and string bracelets are all versatile and easy to wear outdoors. If you’re thinking about wearing your studded bracelets, just remember how close you’ll be to the others if it’s not in a seated concert. Don’t end up breaking someone’s nose I’ve been mauled by a girl’s studded accessories once, and trust me it wasn’t fun.
Whatever you wear, keep it light and casual and make sure you can have a great time in it! Hope you have a kickass time on your next concert. Don’t forget to let us know how it went.

Hola Winter

What do like to wear on concerts? Let us know by commenting below.

Till then tkcr, and keep rocking!


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